Cosgrove Cleaning Services

High Level Cleaning

Presenting a number of risks, high level cleaning in Cosgrove can be a difficult task to attempt yourself – potentially even dangerous, especially when you have not been sufficiently trained. Cleanex Contract Services boasts a dedicated team of professionally-trained cleaners who cater to a wide area of location in central England, such as Cosgrove, and complete all necessary high level cleaning operations. For more information, guidance or advice on high level cleaning and the variety of other services that Cleanex Contract Services has to offer, please don’t hesitate to contact us.


Commercial Cleaning

No matter how big or small your commercial cleaning needs, our experienced teams will take care of the task in hand and provide you with an all-round service. If you want to clean a factory or unit, scrub large windows or roofs and gutters, polish hard flooring or require the use of a high pressure jet in Cosgrove, enlist the help of Cleanex Contract Services.


Steam Cleaning

Cosgrove steam cleaning could be just what you need if you own a facility nearby and would like to arrange a high quality, contracted service for your building. Steam cleaning is perfect for this scenario, especially if your company has hard to remove stains and the cleaning service you are presently using is not up to scratch. So if you feel that it is time to switch to a better cleaning method, then the use of steam to clean your facility could be the answer.


Hard Floor Maintenance

Is your hard floor looking tired and expired? Perhaps it’s the perfect time to call Cleanex Contract Services for back-up today! From ironing out scuffs and stubborn marks to sealing your hard floor surface, we have a wide selection of procedures to suit all firms in Cosgrove. Our stripping and sealing services work well on all hard floor surfaces, including altro, tiles, stone and vinyl. Give your hard floor a makeover and get in touch with Cleanex Contract Services today.


Paint & Graffiti Removal

Hunting for a top class graffiti and paint removal team in Cosgrove? Cleaning wizardry and a comprehensive cleaning kit are relied upon by the staff at Cleanex to dissolve unpleasant graffiti and paint images on walls and buildings in a hassle free and professional manner. When the cleaning strategy is finished we also supply a wondrous coating that can be applied to numerous surfaces like cabinets, walls and benches, which protects items and property from paint attacks. Available in clear and primary colours, the substance is suited to all.


High Pressure Jet Washing

If you are a business wanting industrial-scale cleaning for cleaning jobs in the Cosgrove area then experience a deep clean with high pressure jet washing machines provided on excellent hire terms from Cleanex Contract Services. With a range of different nozzles to pick from and a detergent to suit the job in hand our cleaning experts will create the right spray power and ensure that walls, floors and surfaces are cleaned to perfection. Call Cleanex Contract Services today and experience a superior jet wash clean.


Paint Booth Service

A large number of businesses in Cosgrove have begun to embrace the use of paint booths, therefore we have made sure that we have a large team of professional specialists equipped to help any local business. The cleaning of paint booth may not be a priority for the majority of companies, however if it received little or infrequent maintenance, it could quickly become a serious issue that could lead to irreparable damage, pricey bills and a loss to the business. We have had a lot of experience with businesses in Cosgrove, so if you want the best cleaning operatives in the area, get in touch today!


Window Cleaning

Keeping commercial windows clean in Cosgrove can be laborious and expensive but the Cleanex Contract Services team are here to change all that. Using high quality cleaning equipment and tried and tested techniques, we can we offer a premium commercial window cleaning service at an affordable, business-to-business price. From mucky fingerprints to damp mould and mildew, the specialist team at Cleanex Contract Services have the practical insight and acumen to ensure your windows look their best at all times. For all your commercial window cleaning needs, give Cleanex Contract Services a call today!


Carpet Cleaning Service

If your business is in search of Cosgrove based carpet cleaning services then get in touch with Cleanex Contract Services. We have a high power Rotowash system that is suitable for a variety of floors such as studded rubber, vinyl and tile as well as getting carpets perfectly clean. The auto wet extraction system is ideal for getting upholstery clean and you can leave it to our bonnet buffing machine to get carpets looking good as new.


Is your company in need of professional commercial factory cleaners in Cosgrove? Then you’ve hit the jackpot with Cleanex Contract Services. Proficient at undertaking all key factory cleaning tasks, from keeping floors clean to degreasing key machinery, the dexterous team have a plethora of tools and skills to carry out all types of cleaning jobs. So if your factory needs a tidy up or you need a complete scrub down, contact the team at Cleanex Contract Services for a friendly chat or a competitive quote.


Chewing Gum Removal

The trouble with littered chewing gum is that it’s tacky and ends up plastered over the bottom of shoes. Worse still it fails to decompose and looks extremely unsightly. The talented folk at Cleanex Contract Services can be the solution to all of your chewing gum removal problems. Large corporations, market sellers and office blocks in Cosgrove can feel free to make use of our services, which includes a fast curing and UV stable gum shield that means you can sweep away any littered gum in a simple and fuss-free manner. It can be used on a plethora of surfaces such as street paving, tarmac and bricked roads so get in touch if this sounds like something you’d be interested in.


Dry Ice Cleaning

Vaporising from dry ice cleaning also known as dry ice blasting, is a quick, non-abrasive way of cleaning industrially without water or chemicals. Great at cleaning between the cracks of external walls and cleaning ink from printing machinery – not only does it have many different uses but it is suitable for hot or cold surfaces.


Builders & Initial Cleans

Cosgrove has seen an increased amount of new properties nearing construction, bringing with it a high demand for initial cleaning operatives. Initial cleaning produces a number of benefits, such as saving you money, ensuring ultimate cleanliness and it can remove the stress of moving, impress clients and improve company image. We have over 18 years of experience in initial cleaning, so are confident in our cleaning abilities, particularly for clients in Cosgrove. Get in touch today for more information or advice.


Confined Space Work

Do you find it difficult to to keep your duct, trench or tank fully maintained? Give yourself a break and give the Cleanex Contract Services team a call today. Our extensive team are all expertly trained and only work with approved equipment which is great for reaching even the tightest corner. From damp vessels to industrial boilers, the Cleanex Contract Services operatives are true professionals when it comes to ensuring your inaccessible items are looking their best all year round. Don’t waste any more time. Give the friendly team at Cleanex Contract Services a ring and make the right decision for your Cosgrove confined space today.